2010 ain’t what I was hoping it to be

I’m just glad that 2010 marks the end of the last decade (which was by far the shittyest to-date), rather than the beginning of a new decade… as just like the first 9 years of this century, life hasn’t improved.

It began with the snow… and more snow… and no Sky TV. For the last 8 months I haven’t had service (just countless useless Sky engineers). I’d love to go cable with Virgin… but living on a private road with neighbours that don’t want cable means this will never happen.

Then the missus lost control of the car and after bouncing off a wall, left the road taking to the sky for a few yards before landing 3 feel below in a field. Just as a second car did the same, flipped and landed inches away on its side. Luckily she was fine, but the saga of useless Croydon garages meant that the car was left in situ (with dozens of frustratingly mindless telephone conversations with morons). 3 weeks later when they finally decide to lift it out of the field, some oiks break into it and nick everything.

So what then? Well what’s left of the crap dentistry job on my teeth fell out, leaving me with 2 root canal holes in my gums with a couple of sharp enamal shards and pain. But can I get an NHS dentist? Nope. So here I am, a cripple, in pain, risking infection (which apparantly is more serious as I’m a diabetic) with nowhere to go.

Now the missus loses fillings (told you we had probably the crappest dentist in the country) and develops an absess and infection. Face has swollen up like a balloon with the doctors saying she needs a dentist. If only there were one available.

At least I’m finally going into hospital for tests (MRI and LP/spinal tap) after waiting 8 years… tho’ with the year being what it is, I’ll stay in remission and they won’t find anything. Ever the opimist… I’m hoping to be confirmed ill (ironic or what?).

… And this is just the top of the iceberg!


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