Objects that make my legs go wobbly (in a good way)

I’ve just spotted this piece of retro-technology and immediately fell in love! How can anyone not want one of these objects of desire? Forget the ipad as the most desirable thing du jour… let’s all queue up for the USB Typewriter! Feel the clunkiness and weight with every keystroke… this is what I miss with modern computers – and now I can have the best of both worlds: a natty state-of-the-art tech (like the ipad) driven by beautiful machinery. Come on… we all know that this is what makes we boys weak at the knees, just look inside the TARDIS or watch the latest Sherlock Holmes to see how the closet steam-engine enthusiast in us all is dying to burst out.

Don’t worry if you think you’d need to learn a new skill to drive this marvelous piece of machinery as the modern keyboard hasn’t changed since its inception, so you’ll be experiencing the joys of real hunt-n-pecking in no time. We still use the QWERTY key layout that was created especially for the typewriter, and as some of you may know, this particular arrangement of keys was created to be intentionally slow. When people were able to type too quickly hammers would collide damaging the typewriter, so the makers purposefully arranged the keys to keep them from being hit too fast. Now you’ll have a good excuse to miss all the deadlines and finally take the time to enjoy what you’re typing. Also, all the letters to spell TYPEWRITER were distributed along the top row to allow salesmen to quickly type out that “Hello World” phrase during demonstrations – try doing that with COMPUTER… or worse still, try to do that using the ipad’s naff on-screen keyboard.

Re-live the halcyon days before the ZX80 and be the envy of your ipad-wielding friends… This is the future!


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