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6 Links Jeremy Corbyn Doesn’t Want You to Know About

There has been what could turn out to be a paradigm shift in UK politics. For decades now, the political status has been right-wing (economic) materialism which has maintained itself (despite the political colours) through elections of which only right-wing materialists voted. For too long, left-wing socialists have felt disenfranchised. The ‘Corbyn Effect’ has changed all that, and the left have woken up… and hopefully politics can return to reflecting a more representative cross-section of the public.

Sadly, having felt power for so long, the right-wing materialists would prefer to continue unchallenged… merely changing between Red-Tories and Blue-Tories. And so the onslaught of attacks, slurs and character assinine assassinations begin. It has become so ridiculous I fear that the electorate will succumb and return politics to the damaging status quo.

This following parody piece perfectly sums up Britain’s (Murdoch) media empire:

How the mighty have fallen. Just a few weeks ago, Stalinist firebrand, Jeremy Corbyn, was the Golden Boy of the British Left.

But now, Corbyn is coming under fire for his alleged links to extremists and racists. 

Corbyn has already confessed that he’s been in the same room as people who’ve gone on to say badthings.

But it doesn’t stop there. Here, on this blog, we can exclusively reveal 6 more links Corbyn doesn’t want you to know about. 

Source: 6 Links Jeremy Corbyn Doesn’t Want You to Know About


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