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The Creatures in the Black Lagoon

Dave Rudkin: I’ve written earlier about the day that I spent with local photographer Bragi Kort at the end of my trip to Iceland in 2013. (See here.) We finished our day of photographing at the waters of the Black Lagoon, and I believe that the models – Aubrey, Brooke, Björg and Hallgerður – all enjoyed the chance to sit in some warm water rather than to stand out in the cold and wind, for a change…

Source: The Creatures in the Black Lagoon

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‘The Remains of the Day’ – The Musical?

I have to be honest, the prospect of going to watch a musical version of Kazuo Ishiguro‘s excellent story of repressed emotion and thwarted ambition in the context of class structure and loyalty with Nazi sympathies during the war, was not an item on my wish list, but as my son’s friend (Chris Bartlett as ‘Reginald’) was part of this new venture I wanted to support him. And I am so glad that I did.

The Remains of the Day‘ has been re-imagined for the London stage by Alex Loveless, and defies all pre-misgivings one may have. The words are immaculate and full of wit and pathos, doing full justice to the source material. Directed sensitively by Chris Loveless and performed with tenderness, sincerity and understatement by an extremely talented cast, this is a show which demands a wider audience. I cannot recommend this production highly enough, and I am not alone – even Kazuo Ishiguro is supporting the show, recommending it despite disliking London musicals, as he explained on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme: Continue reading