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The Creatures in the Black Lagoon

Dave Rudkin: I’ve written earlier about the day that I spent with local photographer Bragi Kort at the end of my trip to Iceland in 2013. (See here.) We finished our day of photographing at the waters of the Black Lagoon, and I believe that the models – Aubrey, Brooke, Björg and Hallgerður – all enjoyed the chance to sit in some warm water rather than to stand out in the cold and wind, for a change…

Source: The Creatures in the Black Lagoon

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Behind the Fringe


A shot from a couple of years ago that comes from a commission that was used but never paid for… Beware dodgy companies hiding behind their overseas locations. I was seriously out of pocket for this work.

So I thought that I might as well show it here Registered & Protected

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Closure re_visited


I intended this to be part of a triptych I had planned, unfortunately I haven’t been able to complete it (yet). It was an experiment in some new post procedures to enhance the B&W tonal qualities to enhance the subject matter.

I quite like the outcome (which is saying something as i always hate my own work). If you’re looking at this, I’d really appreciate some feedback.

Thanks Registered & Protected