What came first: Consciousness or Matter? (Does it matter? What do you think?)

Following on from my previous post, it is now time to delve into what being a MonistIdealist Panentheist Catholic means for me. As explained in said last post, these words are merely labels, and labels can mean different things to different people. Also, if some labels are not recognised, but others are, then misunderstanding can creep in, adding bias to the unknown labels towards the recognised label. This is ironic given that the reason for multiple labels in the first place is so that they all refine each other. So, what exactly does this set of labels mean?

These labels are simply a shorthand way of describing my personal world-view. They are not my actual world-view, but close enough to act as quick-n-dirty pointers. But before describing my own personal view of reality, perhaps a brief definition of each label (as it relates to my world-view) is first needed:

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Ideally, what should be said to every child, repeatedly, throughout his or her school life is something like this: ‘You are in the process of being indoctrinated. We have not yet evolved a system of education that is not a system of indoctrination. We are sorry, but it is the best we can do. What you are being taught here is an amalgam of current prejudice and the choices of this particular culture. The slightest look at history will show how impermanent these must be. You are being taught by people who have been able to accommodate themselves to a regime of thought laid down by their predecessors. It is a self-perpetuating system. Those of you who are more robust and individual than others will be encouraged to leave and find ways of educating yourself — educating your own judgements. Those that stay must remember, always, and all the time, that they are being moulded and patterned to fit into the narrow and particular needs of this particular society.

Doris Lessing ― The Golden Notebook

Now don’t misunderstand me, I have no opinion on the (I assume) American soft drink: Kool-Aid. This blog is actually on woo and how easy people seem to be seduced by it. Especially those who believe they are sceptical about woo. Rather naively, I believed that once a few actual facts were shared, then enlightenment would mean that the mastery of woo would simply blow away. I guess that makes me an optimist… except I now realise the truth… and that there is no hope for Homo Sapiens Sapiens. So my brief foray into optimism was merely an aberration to my normal pessimistic self.

Perhaps a little context is warranted.

As those of you who know me, or others who have read my various posts, already know that my ‘conscious’ ‘mind’ is a constantly seething mass of concepts, ideas, observations etc. etc. But in this particular blog I will try to narrow it down to (a tad of irony here…) the one question: Why is there something rather than nothing?
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